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Templates based on the same processes we've used to:

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Inside you'll find battle-tested SOPs and SEO templates...

SEO Templates

Get Loganix’s time-tested templates & SOPs to help with SEO tasks:

  • SEO Contract Template – A contract to speed up taking on new SEO clients.
  • SEO Roadmap Template – A roadmap plan to help visualise SEO campaigns.
  • Website Outline Template – Plan out your site structure with SEO in mind using this simple template.
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Link Building Templates

Get Loganix’s time-tested templates & SOPs to help with link building tasks:

  • Backlink Gap Analysis – A report for seeing how your backlinks stack up against your competitors.
  • Backlink Outreach Tracking Template – A report for seeing how your backlinks stack up against your competitors.
  • Guest Post Prospector – A simple sheet for generating search queries to find guest post opportunities
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Content Marketing Templates

Get Loganix’s time-tested templates & SOPs to help with content marketing tasks:

  • SEO Content Calendar – A simple calendar for planning out SEO content.
  • Content Audit – Pull in Ahrefs, GA + GSC to make data backed improvement suggestions.
  • Content Refresh Template – A template for finding the top 100 pages for a content refresh.
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Content Brief Templates

Get Loganix’s time-tested templates & SOPs to help with creating content briefs:

  • Content Brief Guide – Step by step guide for compiling a content brief.
  • General SEO Content Brief – Content brief template for creating a general SEO articles.
  • Buyers Guide, Tutorial, Comparison, List Posts – Content format specific briefs.
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Keyword Research Templates

Get natural, contextual placements on websites Google trusts. Shop our inventory, or let us hand-pick relevant placements. Content always included.

How we’re different:

  • See and approve exact domains before delivery
  • Huge, constantly growing link inventory
  • Extremely detailed vetting for ‘Authority’ tier and up
  • Guaranteed delivery or we replace it free of charge

Get templates and workflows based on the same processes that make our clients say...

"I love working with Loganix. They deliver incredible, high-quality work. Their keyword research and content strategies are some of the best I have seen."
Sam Bretzmann, Founder, Whisky SEO
"Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we'd need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right."
Jerry Zheng, Senior SEO Specialist, One Local

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these templates free?

There are a mix of free and paid templates.

The free templates are ready for you to download and use right away.  Just sign up for the dashboard and then download them.

We also have a more advanced templates which are available to order for a small cost within your Loganix dashboard. This is completely optional to buy.

Oh, and you can also get ALL the templates in a bundle and save 58%.

Are these templates all done-for-you?

While we do use sheet formulas to speed up the number crunching, the research is compiled manually by you.

Our templates include comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step guides to make the process of filling out your template as easy as possible.

What is a Loganix dashboard?

We’re glad you asked! The dashboard is your personal account used to download informational content (like these templates) and order our services if you so choose. It’s completely free to use and only requires entering your email address.