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Generate more organic traffic to your website all for free. Our SEO-trained authors write for 1000+ publications online. We write on-topic, researched content that Google loves, and so will your readers. We’ll write it (and add a natural link to a client of ours), you post it. It’s simple.

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Loganix helps us get out more content every month, which has shown to increase our organic search traffic over the years.
David L.,
We've worked with Loganix for a year and are impressed. They're professional and a pleasure to work with, and their content good quality.
Hannah M.,
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If you're looking to build your site at scale, then you're ready for our team's help

Chris Gragert

A little about us

Loganix is a premium SEO partner to marketing agencies, in house teams and publishers like yourself. With over 10 years writing high quality, well-ranking (in the Google) content, we’ve got a wealth of experience creating value for our partners.

By the way, who’s that guy!? The most-writer-looking writer, right? Chris has been writing for us for nearly 10 years, and he just might be writing for you.

Now, we imagine free content sounds too good to be true? Well, you’re not wrong. There’s always a catch, isn’t there? Well, the catch is something you’re doing anyway: linking out to relevant, high-quality websites from your content. This is something Google rewards! It’s a no-brainer.

Websites, no different from yourself, come to us needing relevant links to their content, to drive more visits, engagement, and rankings. In the content we write, we naturally link out to them because it would make sense to do so anyway. It’s a win-win-win for everyone. That’s the catch.

Ready to grow your organic traffic and website?

You’re going to love how simple it is. You submit the site(s) you run and/or write for, we review it to make sure it meets high-quality standards, and you’re in. Here on, we will occasionally prepare new pieces of content for your site(s). Ready for the next step?

So you've got a few questions, fair enough!

May I see an example of this 'high-quality' content?

Here are some recent placements, written by our team of talented writers: here, here and here.

Who will be the author of the content?

That’s entirely up to you. We do our best to match the tone for those who prefer ghost-written content. This is our default ‘setting’ unless asked otherwise.

Do you pay for placements (in addition to providing content)?

Yes. We recognize that your time is valuable, and that you’ve invested heavily in growing your audience. We respect that, and believe it should be rewarded. Following your sign up (how assumptuous of us), you’ll learn more about the rates we pay, frequency of payment and method of payment.

Which types of sites will you consider?

While we will happily provide more detail, generally speaking we are looking for sites with at least 100 English-speaking, organic visitors monthly, good referring domains (linking domains), well-written content that hasn’t been overly commercialized and ideally, a site that is growing in popularity. Equally (perhaps more) important is the reliability and communication of our parners (that’s you). Like you, we’ve got deadlines to hit and this only works if we can trust eachother to deliver.

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