Google Ads Management Service
Put a team of Adwords-certified pros to work for less than you’d expect.

  • Custom packages, including: setup, strategy, copywriting, and ongoing management
  • Flat rates and month-to-month engagements
  • Clear reporting

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Get more real business out of your online advertising.

What this is

Conversation-focused Google Adwords services from initial research to ongoing optimization of your Google ads.

for you, that means: more leads, sales, and ROI – lower costs per click.

  • Engagements customized to the needs and budget of your business, big or small.
  • Account creation to ad copy – we’ll find out what you need, then get it done
  • Day-to-day management of search, display, and remarketing campaigns
  • Hands-on help with your landing pages to maximize conversions
  • continuous optimization to drive down costs and improve ROI

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What we promise

  • Accountability and transparency. We won’t fluff up our reports with vanity metrics; you’ll always know the real impact on your bottom line.
  • Easy-to-interpret, visual reports delivered monthly
  • Expert execution from our capable team f Adwords-certifief digital marketers
  • Meaningful, impactful work done every single month: no coasting or pointless tweaks

Ideal for…

  • Driving qualified leads in the short-term
  • Eliminating the hassle of sourcing multiple partners for setup, copywriting, and ongoing management
  • Avoiding wasted spend and ensuring campaigns are optimized from ‘Day One’
  • Turning poor-performing campaigns into top-earners without hiring an in-house expert

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The end result: More money for your business.

We take our clients’ privacy agreements very seriously. Contact us to see more examples of our work.

In-home senior care company doubles their leads while slashing ad spend by 55% with Loganix PPC.

Premium outdoor adventure clothing brand sees massive revenue growth with new from-scratch PPC campaigns and search remarketing.

Here's how we give you the experience of a bolt-on PPC department:

Done-for-you PPC campaigns
from research to launch.

Our Google Adwords services are based on your needs.
For you, that might mean:

  • Exhaustive keyword research and competitive analysis
  • Ad copy creation or optimization
  • Adjustment of bids, ad placement, and targeting
  • Tracking setup

And we don’t stop with Google. Get PPC management across Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Bing, and more!

We're driven by results,
not vanity metrics.

Our success is measured by one thing: the money make for you.

That’s why we put in the extra work to ensure your ad clicks turn into conversions – such as optimizing your landing pages and building remarketing campaigns.

Monthly reports that anyone
can interpret and understand.

You don’t have to be a data scientist to stay informed about your campaigns.

Our reports include visuals, progress comparisons, and plain-speak summary notes so you always know exactly what’s going on with your Adwords account.

Easy, accessible communication
that feels like an in-house team.

We’ve made it easy to contact your Loganix team, whether you have questions or need an update between reports.

Simply reach out to us via Slack, email, or phone and we’ll be in contact within 24-48 hours.

Our pricing is designed to be cost-effective, flexible, and suitable for most business sizes:

$500-$500k ad budgets
Month-to-month terms
Flat rate quotes
Custom packages

To get a quote…

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"Organized and responsive, which leads to great quality output..."

"I’ve worked with Loganix on a recurring basis and they’ve done a great job! The quality has been high than competitors I’ve used.”
Judd Lyon, Founder
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How it Works
Conversation, Fulfillment, Report

Start The Conversation

Simply contact us and we’ll discuss your needs, get specific on an action plan, and give you a quote.


This is where we get to work! Depending on your needs, this could include; strategy development, keyword research, competitor analysis, ad account creation, ad copy creation, tracking setup, ongoing management, and optimization.

Report, Rinse, Repeat

You’ll get regular, monthly reports that show exactly how our work is affecting your bottom line. With flexible, month-to-month terms, you can keep us on your team for as little or as long as you need.

Common questions about our PPC services.

Do you offer PPC management for other platforms?

Yes! In addition to managing your AdWords campaigns, we can also manage your online advertising on Bing Ads, Facebook, Amazon, and more.

You can contact us at any time to find out more about our custom campaigns and receive a free estimate on what it would cost for us to launch or takeover your existing campaigns on any other platform.

Can I see samples of your ads?

Sure thing – here’s a display ad from the Loganix Black Friday 2020 sale. Ad copy and design will vary based on brand, and our team will work closely with you to make it a natural extension of yours.

If you’d like to see more samples please contact our team!

Can I review your ads, keywords, and landing pages before launching a campaign?

Yes, of course! We may have the expertise in managing pay-per-click campaigns but no one knows your business and industry better than you do.

We always get your approval on our work to ensure we’re using the correct terminology for your industry and that our ad messaging matches your brand.

How is access and ownership of my accounts and campaigns managed?

You always retain full access and ownership of your accounts and campaigns, even after our partnership has ended.

Do you guarantee results?

Like any PPC specialist, we can’t guarantee certain results. What we CAN guarantee is quality work and your satisfaction that we’re doing things the right way.

Is there a minimum ad spend commitment?

We do not require a minimum monthly ad spend to utilize our service. Our Adwords management is priced as a flat monthly rate based on the amount of ad groups and types of ads we’re managing for you. Feel free to reach out for a custom quote from our PPC team.

What is the difference between a "search" and "display" ad?

Google AdWords has different networks through which your ads can be shown, and the two main ones are called “Search Network” and “Display Network”.

Search Network ads are what you see at the top and bottom of a search results page, and are generally purely text-based.

Display Network ads are shown on other websites and apps that are part of Google’s advertising network, so when people are browsing online they will see visual advertisements in the form of images, graphics, animated gifs, and so on.