Get niche and non-niche-specific edit links in existing content.

  • Always approve the page first
  • Sites with 1,000+ monthly organic visits
  • Choose niche-specific or not
  • Vetted by a skilled SEO and link builder
  • Never pay for a link you don’t receive
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Here’s what you need to know before looking at pricing:

Our niche and non-niche-specific edits will never leave you unclear as to on which site or page your link will be placed.
  1. You provide the target URL, anchor text, and any relevant niche information.
  2. Our experienced SEOs will share (for your approval) the links we suggest.
  3. Let us take care of the content and logistics while we keep you updated.

If the site isn’t up to snuff, a publisher changes their mind, or a link goes down within six months of placement, you have our happiness guarantee.

We build links for the picky people

Our edits are a great pick when…

  • Reporting is coming up, and you need links quickly
  • Rankings are needed like yesterday
  • You want to see it before you get it

Not only that, our niche and multi-topic edits are some of the most cost-effective, high-value links we build.

Our clients come to us because…
  • We care about quality the way they do (details)
  • They want an experienced SEO, not a sales representative
  • Links from us, move the needle (case studies)
  • Every link comes with our money-back guarantee

How it Works
Order, Approve, Report

Place Your Order

Share your target URL, an alternative URL, anchor, and desired niche after you place your order. A Loganix SEO will review your inputs and dig around our database of link opportunities to find the most likely to-move-the-needle sites and pages.

Approve or Replace

Now that we’ve shared a number of options with you, it’s your turn to pick sites site and/or pages you want. Like them all? Your job is done here. Never want to see them again? Tell us why so we never have to and can find better options for you.

Review & Report

Your links are live, and our team has completed our quality assurance work. We’ll add them to a white-label report (sample) that we share with you and send you an email. Look them over and let us know what you think.

We audit every site carefully

As responsible SEOs, we look at the quantitative (e.g. metrics) and the qualitative (e.g. design, author, outbound links) before we ever share a site with you. Here are a few of the checks we do:

Domain & Hosting Details

First, clearly dangerous sites are eliminated by analyzing critical factors such as:

  • DNS and A records
  • Use of SSL / https
  • Hosting country
  • Hyphen spam in domain name
  • English TLD & language
  • No poker, pills, adult sites
Core Metrics

Next, sites are screened to meet or exceed these metrics (among several others):

  • Indexed pages: 100+
  • Organic Traffic: 1000/mo+ (minimum)
  • Ref. Domains: 50+
  • Average DR: 40
  • Average DA: 40
  • CF/TF: 10+
  • Traffic origin (50%+ from country of origin)
Site History and Trends

Where others stop, we’re only beginning.
We manually review a domain’s history to ensure:

  • No penalizations or expirations
  • No wild swings in traffic or links
  • Traffic naturally trending up
  • naturally trending up
  • Ref. domain anchors naturally distributed
  • Ref. domains are real, quality sites
Manual Content Review

Finally, our team manually reviews 5 – 10 recent posts for quality, including:

  • Last updated in 30 days
  • No anchor text abuse
  • No links to poker, pills, adult
  • Natural on-page linking behavior
  • Less than 50% paid posts
  • No obvious PBN designs
  • Readability
  • Relevance
  • Authors (country, verifiability)

Learn more about our vetting process

Don't just pass the sniff test:
Build links you can build a business on.

Higher Quality

Metrics, site history, content and more are analyzed by an SEO

More Control

See domains before placement and approve or replace

Stronger Content

Relevant, compelling, and written by North Americans

Better Communication

Track project progress and chat with us inside the dashboard

Services and Pricing

Choose between niche-specific and multi topics edits.

Multi-topic Edit A link in an existing article on a multi-topic blog


1,000 Visits i

Site Monthly Organic Traffic

30+ DR/DA

Domain Rating/Authority


Sites cover broad topics.
Articles are relevant to your niche.

1 Month

Average Delivery Time

$200/link Incl. content creation
Niche Edit A link in an existing article on a niche-relevant blog


1,000 Visits i

Site Monthly Organic Traffic

30+ DR/DA

Domain Rating/Authority


Topically relevant site and article.

1 Month

Average Delivery Time

$400/link Incl. content creation

Your link is always guaranteed

You will never pay for links that don’t go live. Better, if your link goes down within 6 months of going live, we’ll replace it.

If you aren’t happy with the links we build, we’ll fix it. Simply tell us what you were looking for, and we’ll do our very best to make it happen.

More of a "D.I.Y" type? Shop our list directly.

Browse our huge list of unvetted opportunities and filter by DR/DA, traffic, niche, price, turnaround time, and more. Do your own quality control.

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Vouched for by people
who don't vouch for everyone.

Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work.
Nick Eubanks
From the Future
Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by leaders in the space.
Brian Dean
Loganix has a tremendous reputation in the world of SEO, and when SEO nerds praise a company, it really means something.
Chris Dreyer
Loganix saves us 30 hours a month—and tens of thousands of dollars we'd need to pay to hire someone full-time. Plus, they really care about getting it right.
Jerry Zheng

Case Study

"In the personal injury space, no SEO agency has better search results in major markets than us, and our clients are typically in the top three for their key search terms. Loganix has been an important contributor to these results."
Chris Dreyer

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included?

Our SEO team will manually curate link opportunities that fit your criteria.

After ordering, you’re able to approve domains and pages before placement.

All orders include:

  • Prospecting and vetting by an SEO
  • Any content creation required for insertion by U.S and Canadian writers
  • Outreach and placement
  • Progress updates (track in the dashboard)

White label reporting (sample)

How do you ensure link quality?

Our SEO team manually analyzes the metrics, history, and content of every site we recommend, evaluating:

  1. Is the site indexed and getting real organic traffic?
  2. Has the domain been penalized, sold, or expired in the past?
  3. Is the historical trend in traffic/referring domains natural?
  4. Does the site have quality content or is it all completely paid links?

And more! Learn how we evaluate links on our blog

How long will it take?

Good things take time; turnaround is usually 1 month.

We could do it faster if we cut corners or spammed, but that’s not what you’re here for.

What do you guarantee?

We guarantee successful placement.

If a link is rejected for any reason, we’ll replace it with an equal or better opportunity at no extra cost. You’ll never pay for links you don’t get.

How do niche edits work?

Niche edits are desirable because they are placed within existing articles that have built up authority and may even have received links over time. Contrast this with a brand new guest post which will have neither and may be considered less worthwhile SEO-wise than an edit. All this means is you may see an improvement in rankings sooner, and that increase may be more substantial than a brand-new guest post.

How do you make a niche edit?

Webmasters and writers edit their content all the time, especially since it’s been well-noted that revisiting content can improve rankings. Enter Loganix. We offer up such an edit, which may be as simple as adding a new paragraph or a couple of sentences

Are niche edits hacked links?

They sure can be, and in our experience, often are. We have avoided niche edits for years for this reason alone.

Link building is all about relationships, and the connections we’ve created with webmasters and writers are ones we’ve come to trust a great deal over the last decade. That’s right; we’ve been working with some of these folks for a decade, which leads us to believe that when they tell us they have legitimate access to edit their articles, they are being honest.

Your concerns are legitimate, as many will hack into WordPress via outdated WordPress plugins to gain access to old articles. Please feel welcome to ask as many questions as you need.

Are niche edits white hat?

Is editing your blogs and adding new resources white hat? Yes! That’s all this is, and it’s something Google encourages based on the well-documented ranking increases when content is edited regularly.

What niches do you serve?

Virtually any space: Business, Technology, Marketing, Real Estate, Home, Food, Health, Travel, Construction, and MANY others.

Can you build links to ANY page?

No. These sites all have a level of editorial control (or we wouldn’t work with them!)

Each one has different rules on what is acceptable for publication, but in general: no pharma, adult, casino/gambling, etc. links, and the pages we link to should offer some legitimately useful information.

If you’re concerned about whether or not a specific URL would be accepted by sites we work with, contact us to discuss before you order.

Can I choose my own anchor text?

You’re welcome to suggest anchor text, and we’ll do our best to accommodate. That said, our goal is to make the insertion look as natural as possible. We cannot guarantee the anchor will match your request exactly (but we’ll try!)

Can I review the content before it goes live?

At this time, for link insertions, we will show you the page where we will place your link in, but we will not explain how we will do it. You can rest assured that our capable US and Canadian writers will weave your link into the existing content (or add new content) in the most natural way possible.

Who writes the blog content? Can I provide my own?

As it happens, link insertions require very little content. We are merely updating an existing piece of content, which may only require a single paragraph.

With that said, when we share the page where we will be placing the link, you see 95% of the content that is going to be on that page.

Each piece of content we produce is written to meet each site’s quality standards and guidelines.

To ensure that the quality, style, and standards of the sites we work with are met, we do not accept client-contributed content.

Can you manage link building for me ongoing?

Absolutely! Many of our clients opt to have us take care of link building as a fully managed service.

This includes a dedicated Account Manager and strategist on your account to ensure the links we build for you and your clients match your goals and budget.

Contact us to discuss.

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