Loganix SEO Affiliate Program

The Loganix affiliate program is designed to reward good folks like yourself with 10% of any sales sent our way, to any of our wide range of SEO & link-building products. We’re all about win-win outcomes here.

If you’re an SEO fulfillment shop like us and you want to re-sell Loganix services to your clients, under your own brand name, then our Reseller Program would be just perfect for you.

For everyone else, agencies, freelancers, businesses, and in-house teams, you will find everything you need at wholesale pricing, in our dashboard.

Who We Are & What We Do

Loganix has always been a company built for SEOs, serving SEO professionals for nearly a decade now. Our in-house team handles everything an agency, SEO consultant, or SMB needs to succeed in search. We take care of a lot of the underlying work as a white label provider so our customers can focus on bigger things. We provide a variety of services under the overall SEO umbrella that can be purchased in pieces or as a complete managed package, including:

  • Citation Audits, Building and Cleanups
  • Guest Post Link Building
  • High Authority Link Building
  • SEO Audits & One-Time Optimizations=
  • Fully Managed SEO Campaigns (Local + National)
  • PPC Management
  • SEO Copywriting
  • and more…

Who We Work With

Primarily we’ve worked with marketing agencies and SEOs, but in recent years our customer base has expanded to include other fields that want to get into selling SEO services to their clients, professional bloggers and affiliate marketers looking to promote their sites, as well as small to mid-size business owners looking for SEO services at wholesale rates. If someone is looking to gain search traffic and use SEO to grow their online business, they’re a great fit for a Loganix product.

Affiliate Program Features, Benefits & Stats

  • 10% Commission on every order
  • 60 day tracking cookie, utilizing a mix of IP address + cookie tracking
  • Monthly payments made via PayPal
  • Quick commission approval (31 days, or upon final order delivery)
  • Low ($100) minimum payout
  • The average user places 2 orders within their first 60 days (tracking period)
  • Average $330 first order cart size

Not too shabby right? We think that you’ll find, as we did and others continue to, that our SEO products are radically different than anything on the market. We’re super proud of what we are building here, and we hope that you can share in that pride in your own efforts to push this really fantastic service. If you ever have any questions or need any tips, we are always only an email, live chat or phone call away. We’re affiliates ourselves, and we don’t mind helping out.