White Label PPC Services
Your best kept secret (and best performing partner) in end-to-end PPC service fulfillment.

Embed us in your team to handle all the parts of PPC strategy, execution, and ongoing management you need to expand and scale your services.

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Expand your services or take on more work without the added hassle or overhead.

What this is

A complete suite of PPC services fully integrated into your processes and totally white label.

For you, that looks like:

  • Search, display, and remarketing campaigns across multiple platforms above.
  • Only the parts you need handled with none of the chaff
  • On-demand PPC managers, copyrighters, and a dedicated account manager
  • Real-time updates in your custom dashboard
  • Flat-rate pricing that gives you plenty of room for profit
  • Monthly white label reports ready for rebranded or delivery (sample, sample)

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What we promise

  • Expert execution, clear communication, and a capable partner
  • The flexibility to scale up, scale down, and meet client needs at the drop of a hat
  • High-quality work with all of the credit
  • Truly white label PPC management that maintains you access and ownership of all campaigns

Ideal for…

  • SEO, digital marketing, web design, and ad agencies that lack a PPC management team in-house, or
  • Experienced firms and sole proprietors who want to expand their services overnight, or
  • Agencies that are short on manpower and need a fulfillment partner that can seamlessly embed in their current team

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"I sell, Loganix delivers. Simple.

As an agency owner, my clients have enjoyed reliable, durable rankings for years thanks to Loganix. The product is solid, and the customer service is even better."

Nathan Prescott, Founder
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Here's what you can expect with Loganix as your silent fulfillment partner in PPC advertising:

Execution on as much or as little as you need.

Use us for ad copy creation, hand off existing campaigns for ongoing management, or sell full PPC packages and leave the end-to-end fulfillment to us.

Consider us your bolt-on pay-per-check department that scales with your needs.

We do all the work.
You get all the credit.

Oddly enough, we like it that way! All of our reports come white-label, client-ready, and re-brandable.

And as a true silent partner, our team never speaks directly with your clients (unless you want us to)/ All communication is strictly limited to a list of predefined contacts on the account.

Custom-built dashboard for
on-demand updates.

Whether you need to pull numbers for a client meeting in 5 minutes or you just hate micromanaging, progress updates are always at your fingertips.

We build your dashboard around the metrics you want to see for instant, transparent insights, anytime.

Integrated and accessible
like an in-house team.

Talk with your dedicated account manager through Slack, phone, or email. Have us work through your MCC accounts. Add us to your CRM.

We’re flexible and adaptive to the way you work for a truly white label PPC management experience.

Our pricing, like everything else, has been designed with resellers in mind:

Mark-up friendly pricing
Month-to-month terms
Flat rate quotes
Custom packages

To get a quote…

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Results that will make you look good.

We take our clients’ privacy agreements very seriously. Contact us to see more examples of our work.

In-home care company doubles their leads while slashing ad spend by 55% with Loganix PPC.

Premium outdoor adventure clothing brand sees massive revenue growth with new from-scratch PPC campaigns and search remarketing.

How it Works
Conversation, Fulfillment, Report

Start The Conversation

Simply contact us and we’ll discuss your needs, get specific on an action plan, and give you a quote.


This is where we get to work! Depending on your needs, this could include; strategy development, keyword research, competitor analysis, ad account creation, ad copy creation, tracking setup, ongoing management, and optimization.

Report, Rinse, Repeat

You’ll get regular, monthly reports that show exactly how our work is affecting your bottom line. With flexible, month-to-month terms, you can keep us on your team for as little or as long as you need.

Common questions about our PPC services.

Will I be able to accurately quote services or predict profits?

Our services are billed at a flat rate, either one-time for campaign builds or monthly for management. This allows you to accurately quote and predict profits for any client account.

Reach out to us before quoting a potential client to request a detailed estimate for the PPC campaign they need.

Can I see samples of your ads?

Sure thing – here’s a display ad from the Loganix Black Friday 2020 sale. Ad copy and design will vary based on brand, and our team will work closely with you to make it a natural extension of yours.

If you’d like to see more samples, please contact our team!

Which platforms can you manage PPC campaigns for?

Our team is experienced in managing PPC campaigns on; Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and many other platforms.

If you’re looking for a custom campaign across these or any other platforms, reach out and chat with us to see if we’re able to meet your needs.

Can I review your ads, keywords, and landing pages before launching a campaign?

Yes, of course! We may have the expertise in managing pay-per-click campaigns but no one knows your business and industry better than you do.

We always get your approval on work to ensure we’re using the correct terminology for the industry and that our ad messaging matches your brand.

How is access and ownership of my accounts and campaigns managed?

You always retain full access and ownership of your accounts and campaigns, even after our partnership has ended.

Our team can also work through your MCC accounts and meet any other reasonable requirements to allow for truly white-label PPC management.

Do you guarantee results?

Like any PPC specialist, we can’t guarantee certain results. What we CAN guarantee is quality work and your satisfaction that we’re doing things the right way.