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Are bad links to your site hurting your website’s search rankings? Let our search experts perform a full audit of your backlink profile and remove the red flags that are holding you back. Whether you are trying to reverse a penalty from Google or just want a routine check to make sure your backlink profile is clean, our expert team of link auditors and cleanup crew can help.

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Deep Backlink Analysis

We provide a full suite of analysis and removal services to help improve your website’s rankings and avoid or reverse penalties. Building and cleaning up links is not a fun task, but it is highly important for a successful SEO campaign. We have seen the good, the bad and downright ugly when reviewing backlinks for clients, and we’re more than happy to do all the work for you or your clients. When we audit your website’s backlinks, we dig deep into your site’s entire known profile and identify bad and suspicious links. We combine automated tools and manual human reviews to make sure that no stone is left unturned.

If your website is receiving a negative SEO attack, if you hired an SEO agency to improve your rankings but they built unnatural links, or if you suspect you may have some low-quality links in your profile that hurt your SEO, we’re here to help you find and clean them up.

Google Penalty Prevention & Cleanup

Ever since Google’s Penguin update went live, bad links went from carrying no value to being a lead weight on your rankings. Negative SEO attacks, black hat link building, and other factors in your website’s history could have all contributed to your website receiving a massive hit to your rankings.

If your website was hurt by Google’s algorithm updates, or even penalized, our audit will identify and clean up the obvious, harsh manual penalty that you have received. If you haven’t been hit yet, we’ll review your entire link profile for potential hazards that could lead to algorithmic penalties that can hold up your rankings.

Once we complete a report on your backlink profile, we can also provide cleanup services to remove all of the bad links for you. Our team will manually reach out to webmasters to get links removed, keep a record of all outreach communications, and, if necessary, create a disavow file with all of the remaining toxic links included, and submit it to Google to signal you no longer want these counted against your site. If you were hit with a manual penalty, we will also craft a re-inclusion request for Google’s spam team so they can remove the penalty and allow your site’s traffic & rankings to recover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a link audit?

Having a good balance of quality and quantity of backlinks is a best practice when it comes to optimizing your website, and we make sure you have both. If your website suddenly has a decline in traffic and search rankings, or if your website just can’t catch up to your competitor’s rankings no matter how much time and money you invest in SEO, a link audit is one of the first things you should do. It may be because your website was penalized or hurt by search algorithms for having bad backlinks.

How does a link audit work?

We use a suite of tools to discover and gather all links that point to your website for analysis. We then use a combination of automated tools and manual review to assess each link and referring domain, and assign them a quality score. If a link seems unnatural or of very low quality, we flag it for removal. We then submit our report to you and explain what we discovered and what links need to be removed.

How does link cleanup or removal work?

After we audit all of your website’s backlinks, we start a manual outreach campaign to request the owner of the offending website remove any links pointing to your site. We recording who we reached out to, when, all follow-ups, and any responses received. These are recorded in the event a webmaster in uncooperative in the removal and the creation of a link disavow file is needed.If required, the disavow file is submitted to Google, and it tells them that these backlinks were not endorsed by you and that you do not want them to pass any sort of SEO benefit to you. Google’s spam team reviews the file and has the ability to remove the offending links from counting against your website and rankings.

What’s the difference between a bad and a good link?

A good quality backlink comes from a trustworthy and authoritative website. Google trusts that they do not engage in unnatural linking based on their history, and the amount of traffic and links they earn establishes a high amount of trust in the links they use. A bad backlink comes from sources that are unknown, irrelevant, and/or untrustworthy because of their own backlink profile or that they link to other websites in ways that don’t make logical sense. This is a sign that they are using linking unnaturally to try and game search algorithms for increased rankings, or to hurt a website as part of a negative SEO attack.

What is a negative SEO attack?

Because bad and unnatural links can get a website penalized by Google, some shady companies will purposefully build and point bad links to another website with the specific intent of getting them penalized. It might be a competitor of yours, or a black hat SEO agency they hired to give them an edge. Google has claimed these attacks don’t work, but our own experience has shown otherwise. We still recommend our clients attempt to clean up and disavow these as they can cause ranking issues, both now and in the future when Google launches major algorithm updates.

What is Google Penguin?

Google semi-frequently makes updates to the algorithms they use to determine how websites will rank on a search results page. Most of them are relatively small, but every so often they release a major update that have names assigned to them. Google Penguin, first launched in 2012, is a major part of their algorithm that specifically deals with backlinks — where before, “bad links” would just not hurt your rankings, after Google Penguin launched they would actively harm your rankings and potentially lead to your site being penalized. Google is constantly releasing updates to Penguin as part of their nearly daily algorithm updates, typically only major releases and changes are announced publicly.

How can I find out if my website was penalized by Google?

The main sign that your website has been penalized in some way by Google is when you see that your day to day traffic had a massive decline and never recovers. You can also check ranking tools to see if you received big declines across the board for your most important, previously high ranking, keywords. Lastly, you can look in your Google Search Console account to see if you have any manual penalties assigned to your site.

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