Know which topics to target, what to write, and how to get it ranked.

  • Custom content plan for 5x themes you choose
  • Multiple article recommendations for every theme
  • 15+ title suggestions to start you off right
  • Expert keyword research and analysis by SEOs
  • 2-day turnaround and money-back guarantee
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Saving you time starts now. Here's everything you need to know about our content strategy service:

What this is

We create actionable, data-backed content plans customized to the nuances of your niche and context of your goals.

  • You tell us the high-level themes you want to rank for (e.g. Medical SEO, Medical Marketing, Healthcare Marketing Agency, etc.) i
  • Our SEOs rip apart keyword data and search results to recommend specific target keywords, article ideas, and formats to follow
  • You get a comprehensive, easy-to-digest content plan with title suggestions for each article recommended
Your content plan includes...
  • Content groupings and hierarchy: Following the proven Hub and Spoke framework, each topic will have one main piece of content (the “hub”) and several supporting pieces (the “spokes”) which all link internally to build relevance as a whole.
  • Keyword data: Get the keywords you should target for each piece of content along with their difficulty score, search volume, and CPC pulled from Ahrefs.
  • Links: A rough, top-level view of how many backlinks a keyword/article would need to rank according to Ahrefs.
  • Title suggestions: Use our 15+ title suggestions or make derivatives to save even more time. These are optional to use.
What we promise
  • Deep, data-backed research conducted by seasoned SEOs and content strategists that lays out exactly how to create an effective catalogue of content
  • A proven internal linking strategy between the content we suggest based on the Hub & Spoke framework
  • Hours of high-level research and brainstorming condensed into a simple, actionable content plan you could hand over to any content team to execute on
  • A content plan that makes production fast, informed, effective, and easy or your money back
Ideal for...
  • Giving your content team a clear blueprint to follow
  • Selling more effective (and more expensive) SEO content packages
  • Helping you DIY your SEO content without sacrificing strategy
  • Getting the most out of your ROI with whatever production method you choose by knowing what to prioritize and how to create it

"I was swamped by so many other things..."

"I'm usually doing this kind of research but at the time, I was swamped with so many other things being the only marketer/SEO at the company. So, the report really helped us (today most of the article suggestions have already been written and posted, and we got to page 1 ranking on a handful)."
Kaloyan Dimitrov
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What is the Hub & Spoke Framework?

In a Hub & Spoke strategy, deep pieces targeting competitive keywords (the “Hub”) are supported by multiple related longtail content “Spokes” through internal linking and redirecting.

Each content piece – especially the Hub – ranks significantly higher than they ever could on their own.

In your content plan, we’ll lay out the most strategic hub and spoke content groupings for each of your topics in a way you can easily execute on.

Get a data-backed content strategy at a no-brainer cost on a no-wait timeline.

(Or your money back, guaranteed!)

Content StrategyYour comprehensive content plan covers:
5 High-Level Themes i

Get content plans for 5 themes of your choice

Keyword Research

Target keywords, difficulty, search volume, and CPC

15+ Blog Titles

Title suggestions for each article idea

2-day Turnaround

Timely delivery with a money-back guarantee

White Label Report

Easy-to-navigate report with clear recommendations

$249Does not include content creation

Like being handed the blueprint to prioritizing, creating, and ranking your content:

Experienced SEOs

Our team has an average of 6 years of SEO experience.

Proven Strategies

Rank high competition pages with our powerful framework.

Proven Strategies

Rank high competition pages with our powerful framework.

White Label Reporting

Well-researched, concise reports that are ready to resell.

Is your SEO content to-do list still overwhelming? We can help.

Take even more off your plate without sacrificing quality work, reliability, or expertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hub & Spoke framework?

The hub and spoke framework is a simple way of organizing your content by grouping articles by topic and then internally linking between them. Think of them as interlinked collections of content about a similar topic.

Typically a hub page is a high-level guide about a topic and the spokes are subpages covering other parts of the main topic. Internal links then connect each topic hub to it’s related spokes.

You might have also heard them referred to as content hubs, silos, pillar posts and clusters. Whatever you call it, the end goal is the same: to create a logical structure so that Google and users can find your content.

What can I do with this strategy?

Once you have your content strategy, you can hand it off to your in-house writers or outsource it and start producing content designed to rank for your chosen topics.

If you’re an agency or vendor, you can use this strategy to add value to your services and streamline your processes.

What kind of topics do I give you?

When you create your order, send us 5 topics that you would like to create content around. For example, if you are an SEO agency in the medical niche your topics could be; Medical SEO, medical marketing, plastic surgery marketing, healthcare marketing agency, etc.

What do you guarantee?

We stand behind our services 100%, no matter what. If you’re not happy with your report, or there’s something we could have done differently, we’ll work with you to make it right. Guaranteed.

Do you have a sample?

Yes, please see this sample here!

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