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A modern content marketing strategy that combines compelling storytelling and innovative public relations tactics to achieve maximum exposure for your brand.

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Telling A Story Worth Your Audience

Craft a story worthy of being covered in the biggest publications your customers read and revere with the assistance of our experienced content marketing team. Our team will work closely with you to identify the business objective, so as to be sure everyone is aligned. We create the right story, for the right audience and feature it on the nation’s top sites.

No Cookie-Cutter Approach

Custom comes standard with Loganix. Every content marketing campaign is crafted around the preferences and priorities of the customers in your niche. Our creative team knows what works, and we use that experience to build digital assets that attract the attention of publications your customers trust. We align your brand with your preferred publications in order to capture the most relevant links and the juiciest publicity opportunities.

Laying A Foundation and Building Up

Starting with a base of stories and links from a variety of popular online publications, we leverage your exposure to attract even larger publications and media properties. These properties and the links generated are valuable in their own right, and become even more valuable when they are used to form a path straight to the top 1% of media opportunities.

Long Term Effects

By fusing the best-performing elements of editorial link building and PR campaigns, we create a campaign that improves search engine rankings as well as getting BIG exposure in major publications. The viral nature of our campaigns, within your specific industry and niche, allows you to earn publicity (and links) far more valuable than you could reach using paid placement alone. 10x your promotional budget with a well timed, crafted and executed content marketing campaign.

Our Process Looks Like This
  • Gathering Information
  • Ideation
  • Content Creation (story, visuals, etc)
  • Foundational Links & Mentions (mid-tier publications)
  • Leveraging Foundation Towards Larger Publications
  • Top Tier Publication Links

Our ability to turn press into traffic and conversions is what sets us apart from the pack. While links and press are an important part of our strategy, we care more and focus harder on delivering calls, form submissions and other leads to our clients. When we speak, our first question will be, what is the KPI (key performance indicator) for this campaign.

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"Loganix is a trusted partner that always delivers. These folks understand SEO and they prove it with their work."
Nick Eubanks, From the Future
"Loganix is smart, packs a punch and is built by a leader in the space."
Brian Dean, Backlinko
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